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Wall Mounted Air Conditioners - A Breath of Fresh Air

Sunday, May 04, 2014

People living on the equator desire cooling relief year-round. Others, who reside above the Arctic circle, are accustomed to the warming comfort of a fireplace or heating system. But what about the rest of us; the 99 percent of Earth's population who enjoy the wonders of seasonal change, yet are so often unprepared for the rapid onset of winter and summer?

Air conditioning is the obvious answer, and the good news is there are plenty of options for cooling and heating your home or office. Unfortunately, a newcomer to air conditioning terminology will quickly become bewildered by the array of confusing choices and contradictory advice. Advocates of various air conditioning systems will naturally promote their product as the best, so it makes sense to determine which type of unit is most suited to your home before rushing out to make a purchase.

How do wall mounted systems compare?

Wall mounted air conditioners provided by reputable companies such as Airlux have quickly gained a reputation as the heating/cooling solution for home and office. They are much more energy efficient than window units due to the tight custom fitted seal, and have far superior cooling power compared to portable AC units. With a flick of a switch your wall mounted air conditioner will heat or cool your premises.

An Airlux wall mounted AC system can target a single zone or multi-zone, with up to five indoor conditioning units connected to the outdoor unit. In other words, you only need to heat or cool when and where you want, resulting in huge savings compared to an old fashioned unsightly behemoth noisily working overtime and sucking power while struggling to cool vast spaces.

The superior lifestyle choice

Studies have shown that wall mounted air conditioners are twice as economical as central AC systems, and four times as efficient as an electric heater. They also act to keep relative humidity (RH) in check, and are the quiet compact choice suited to modern lifestyles. Inverter technology also assists energy efficiency, with remote control temperature setting ensuring you are using only the energy you require, lightening the load on your unit and your wallet.

Airlux wall mounted air conditioning units are perfect for enclosed rooms, with every household member able to control their ideal temperature environment according to their needs. The added benefit of clean air technology means that airborne contaminants are removed, providing comfort for allergy sufferers. Ideal heating and cooling systems provided by companies such as Airlux will transform your home or office and make uncomfortable, stuffy conditions a thing of the past.   

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