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Should You Install a Through the Wall Air Conditioner?

Monday, September 22, 2014

A through the wall air conditioner is a self-contained unit that allows rooms in your home to cool quickly. Similar to window A/C units, wall air conditioner use a wall sleeve for support through an exterior wall. A wall unit is an efficient way for you to stay comfortable year round. Most new home models come equipped with energy efficient modes and other features.

Comparing Window Units vs. Through-the-Wall Units

Both window units and through the wall air conditioners are similar in their cooling technique when it comes to capacity and size, however wall air conditioners create a better seal in the room, causing them to be a little more efficient. The biggest difference between the two is venting and installation. 

window air conditioner  wall air conditioner

Through wall units are built into the wall itself, while window units don’t require you to permanently place them in one spot. For homeowners that don’t want to mess with their windows, or for rooms that don’t have windows, wall air conditioners are the most logical option. Window air conditioners are good solutions for temporary housing in rented properties. If you are looking for heating or cooling solutions for your residential property then through the wall air conditioner would be the better choice. 

Determine Your Room Size

Choosing the right wall air conditioner for cooling power will depend on the size of your room. Use the square footage of the room, as well as the environmental conditions of your room to pick the unit that will best suit your needs. Some of the environmental considerations are:

• The amount of natural sunlight the room gets - more sunlight means more heat, which can use more energy out of your unit.
• The ceiling height in the room - if the ceiling is higher than eight feet, you will want to go with a higher BTU unit.
• How many people will occupy the room - a general rule of thumb to follow is to add an extra 600 BTU’s of cooling power for every additional person expected to be in the room.

Energy Efficiency Considerations

Wall air conditioners are a great energy efficient alternative to cool your living area. Each unit comes with an Energy Guide label that basically tells you how much you can expect to spend if you install that unit. It gives you information such as:

• The estimated operating costs for yearly usage
• The number of BTU’s the unit produces
 The EER (Energy Efficiency Rating) for the unit

Using the unit’s EER is the easiest way to estimate its efficiency. Higher EER’s will save you more money over time, especially if you plan on using the unit more than average. Wall air conditioner units are up to 10% more efficient than window units and the Energy Star seal will tell you just how much you can expect to spend (or save depending on how you look at it) over the course of a year. Another helpful tip to help you save even more throughout the year is to make sure you regularly change out the air filter in your unit.

Convenience Features To Consider

When deciding on your new wall air conditioner, there are deciding factors that may help sway your decision. Each unit comes with the following features: 

• Remote control operated units
• Digital settings on the unit
• Adjustable panels
• Units with auto-restart
• Programmable timers

The HVAC specialists at Airlux can help to get your new ductless wall air conditioning unit installed today. They will also help you to choose the unit that is best for you and your home, giving you the satisfaction of knowing you are saving a little extra money while enjoying the comfortable surroundings of your living space.

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