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Single Zone Ductless Split Inverter Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

  • 18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

    Model: ASIOW18K-CH22

    GREE analog model No:  GWH18QD-D3DN***

    SEER 20

    HSRF 10.5

    GREE DC Inverter Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners provide cooling and heating with considerable energy savings. Equipped with Sanyo variable speed DC Inverter compressors GREE units offer compact, quiet, stylish wall-mounted design which perfectly blends into any environment. These units have optimized air duct design for a range of noise reduction measures resulting in ultra-low noise performance.


    AIRLUX model NO. ASIOW18K-CH22
    GREE analogue model NO. GWH18QD-D3DN***
    Refrigerant/Kg R410a/1.25
    Power Supply (V/Hz) 208~230/60
    Cooling, max/standard (BTU/Hr) 18000/21000
    Heating max/standard (BTU/Hr) 19200/23500
    SEER 20
    HSPF Region IV 10.5
    Working Temp Range (C) -15 to 45
    Air Flow Volume (M3/Hr) (H/M/L) 800 / 560 / 460
    Dehumidifying Volume (L/H) 1.8
    Power Input (W) 2400
    Rated Current (Amp) 12.8
    Compressor SANYO C-6RZ146H1A
    Indoor Unit Noise Level max/min dB(A) 39/33/28
    Outdoor Unit Noise Level max dB(A) 53
    Max Pipe Length (m) 25
    Max Elevation (m) 10
    Pipe Size (In.) 1/4" / 1/2"
    Indoor Dimensions W x D x H(mm) 865 x 215 x 305
    Indoor Net Weight (kg) 12
    Outdoor Dimensions W x D x H(mm) 955 x 396 x 700
    Outdoor Net Weight (kg) 52


    $1,799.00 CAD
    18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

    Product Description

    Energy saving

    After the indoor temperature approaches the set temperature, Inverter Control adjusts to low capacity operation to maintain this temperature. This makes inverter models more energy-saving than non-inverter models, which must repeatedly start or stop their compressors to maintain the room temperature.


    Inverter air conditioners operate at maximum capacity as soon as they start up. As a result, the set temperature can be reached more quickly.


    Inverter air conditioners finely adjust capacity according to changes in the air-conditioning load and the difference between the indoor temperature and set temperature is small. These give higher comfort levels than with non-inverter air conditioners.

    Standard Features:

    • Low outside operating temperature -15C
    • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A
    • Insulated copper pipes for installation - 5 meters
    • Defrosting System & Multi-fold evaporator
    • Auto Restart
    • Washable corrugated filter to trap very fine particles in air
    • Remote control, ON/OFF timer, sleep mode and memories
    • Quick cooling & heating
    • High energy efficiency & quite operation

    Technical Details

    Manuals & Downloads

    GWH 09-24 GWH 09-24 (47715 KB)

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    Product Pictures

    18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump18,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

    User Reviews

    Rated by Jim
    27-Apr-2014 03:48 PM
    We purchased this AC package last spring and hired a local installer to set it up in our walk-out basement room. This room was was cold in the winter (around 17c) and hot in the summer (up to 28c) because big windows face south.

    I looked at a few other wall mounted air conditioners on the market. This one seemed like the best value for the features that it comes with. I especially checked the ductless air conditioner features - making sure that the installation will be clean, without any pipes or excessive wiring sticking out in our room.

    We received the AC package about a week after ordering. Then waited a couple of days for the installer to come to our house. The installation took a couple of hours. Everything went smoothly, all parts were in the box and the our technician was already familiar with Airlux products.

    The wall unit air conditioner was actually smaller then I imagined when looking at the pictures on the website. The design is fairly modern and clean. It matched well with out room interior. Turning on the unit was fairly simple. It did however take me about 15 minutes to study all the control options on the remote (at first it seemed like there are too many options for a simple AC... but after trying each one, I realized that they can be useful for different times)

    Since setting up this unit, we've used it during the hot and the cold times. The heating works better then expected (compared to the old ductless heat pump that we had in our previous house) The operation is quiet and we often schedule the AC to be on or off when needed.
    Rated by David Lawrence
    26-Aug-2014 02:51 PM
    Had this a/c installed last week and so far have no major complains. Contractors were professional and timely. Airlux equipment is very high quality and looks very durable, although the design is very nice and looks great in my house.

    thanks guys!
    Rated by Boy Collin
    10-Sep-2014 02:58 PM
    My friend and I purchased two 18,000 units on July 28 and had them installed by a certified technician who mentioned that they looked high quality. He installs units for name brand companies. The unit works great, is quiet and looks good inside the house. I purchased a 4 ton central unit a few years ago which is nowhere near as efficient as the Airlux system and is loud to the point that it bothers neighbours even with a degree of sound proofing. Some of our friends want some too!!

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