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Single Zone Ductless Split Inverter Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

  • 12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

    Model: ASIOW12K-CH11

    GREE analog model NO: GWH12QC-A3DN***

    SEER 22

    HSRF 10.2

    AIRLUX DC Inverter Heat Pumps / Air Conditioners provide cooling and heating with considerable energy savings. Equipped with Mitsubishi variable speed DC Inverter compressors AIRLUX units offer compact, quiet, stylish wall-mounted design which perfectly blends into any environment. These units have optimized air duct design for a range of noise reduction measures resulting in ultra-low noise performance.

    $1,399.00 CAD
    12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

    Product Description

    Energy saving

    After the indoor temperature approaches the set temperature, Inverter Control adjusts to low capacity operation to maintain this temperature. This makes inverter models more energy-saving than non-inverter models, which must repeatedly start or stop their compressors to maintain the room temperature.


    Inverter air conditioners operate at maximum capacity as soon as they start up. As a result, the set temperature can be reached more quickly.


    Inverter air conditioners finely adjust capacity according to changes in the air-conditioning load and the difference between the indoor temperature and set temperature is small. These give higher comfort levels than with non-inverter air conditioners.

    Standard Features:

    • Low outside operating temperature -15C.
    • Environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A
    • Insulated copper pipes for installation - 5 meters
    • Auto Restart
    • Defrosting System & Multi-fold evaporator
    • Washable corrugated filter to trap very fine particles in air
    • Remote control, ON/OFF timer, sleep mode and memories
    • Quick cooling & heating
    • High energy efficiency & quite operation

    Technical Details

    Manuals & Downloads


    Installation Manual GWC 09-24KF-KG Installation Manual GWC 09-24KF-KG (1153 KB)

    No media download found.

    Product Pictures

    12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump12,000 BTU DC Inverter Ductless Split - Air Conditioner And Heat Pump

    User Reviews

    Rated by Mike F
    29-Jun-2014 03:07 PM
    Had this air conditioner installed last month and so far the unit is working well. I'm happiest about the fact that I can control my room temperature separately from the rest of the house.

    We were looking for a budget solution for our garage - which we converted to an office. It didn't have any heating or cooling setup. The area is around 250 sqft and I didn't want to spend on breaking walls and linking with central air. Plus, I didn't need the place cooled or heated when not in use.

    I found Airlux's wall mounted units online and spoke with the sales manager in the office. He explained the different wall mount configuration options and how split air conditioners work.

    We decided to go with the most economic solution, the 12000 btu unit, because our space wasn't large and we were on a budget. Was happy that I went this way.

    It was a garage, so the walls were easy to drill from the outside, so the installation took less tn 2 hours. The first time we turned the AC on, the room got cooled in 10-15 minutes (it was almost 30c outside that day)

    The remote is handy, especially when I'm sitting at my desk and need to turn the unit on or off. When I'm on the phone, I can barely hear the air conditioning working. So, its pretty quiet. Looking forward to testing the heat pump in the winter, when the temp drops.

    Overall, very happy with the purchase. Will recommend.

    Rated by Nathan G
    26-Aug-2014 02:58 PM
    Our investment property didn't have a good a/c installed so we decided to purchase an external ductless unit as opposed fixing the old a/c system.
    we were very surprised to see how quick the installation was. All together it took about three hours! The unit looks great and not sticking out in front of your eyes. although the unit looks good in our house, if it was available in black it would be even better.
    other than that we have no complains and are satisfied with product and service

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